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Louis Angelini Music

  • The approximate performance time for a complete work is indicated in parentheses after the title.

    Most listening selections include one or two excerpts; a very few include three, four or five. Consecutive excerpts within a selection are separated by a silence of about two seconds. Relatively short movements and an occasional longer one are recorded as a whole.

  • Choral Music
    • Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, SATB (6')

      Hosanna, Double Chorus, SATB (atonal, 5')

      Bless This Day and A Gift of Peace and Joy (religious) SATB, Organ (6')

      Mass for a Joyful Day, SATB and Organ, 2 optional Trumpets (9')
      • 2. Gloria
      Mass of the Living Spirit, SATB and Organ (8')

      The Decline and Rise of BJCB, Vocal Selections, SATB, Keyboard (16')

      Renew Us (religious), SATB and Organ (3')

      One Bread, One Cup (religious), SATB and Organ (6')
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